Foton Health Solutions

About us

Foton Healthcare Solutions has founded in 2014 by the modality leaders and sales/service managers, who have been working for OEM for many years.

Foton offers comprehensive full services, on-demand time & material, custom tailored coverage, equipment installations and de-installations, CT & Angio and X-ray tube replacement, magnet ramp-up &ramp-down and shimming, the replacement of MR coldhead& compressor and total hospital service solutions. Foton Healthcare Solutions also offers to customers a huge variety of technical services, application supports and service trainings . Our tailored solutions will meet your expectations.

In addition to our innovative service and parts solutions, Foton offers an extensive selection of new X-Ray, Portable Ultrasound, CT, MRI and PET/CT equipments. Whether you need a fixed or mobile system, we can assist your imaging center’s project from start to finish including purchasing the system, site planning, installation and applications training. From A to Z, Foton is your project partner.

The Main objective of our company is providing the best solution to the customer in service as well as in sale.

Foton is always right beside you with our experienced sales team, expert engineers and broad spare-part range.

The FOTON team is dedicated to a “customer first” mentality and daily operations are focused on meeting the needs of customers.

FOTON Healthcare , continues to lead the way in the healthcare community for the most cost effective projects.

Our quality policy

To see “QUALITY as an indispensable obligation” through the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System and within this framework;

To keep customer satisfaction above all else in our work.

To follow the technological development closely and to provide reliable, honest, planned and timely service with the awareness of continuous improvement.

To work with trained personnel by giving importance to trainings at planned intervals to improve the development and career of the personnel working in our organization.

Our environmental policy

To minimize the internal and external factors affecting environmental pollution through ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System,

Using resources effectively and rationally,

To apply recycling technology,

To work in accordance with legal conditions and legislation,

Organizing and supporting environmental education and awareness activities inside and outside the company,

To ensure continuous improvement.